Congress is organised by the Association of Anaesthesiologists-Reanimatologists of Latvia  in a close collaboration with Estonian and Lithuanian societies

Congress President

Iveta Golubovska, M.D, PhD

Head of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Department
Hospital of Traumatology and Orthopaedics
President of Latvian Society of Anaesthesiologists and Reanimatologists
Board member of Latvian Pain Research Society
Board member of Baltic Society of Regional Anaesthesia

Vice President (Lithuania)

Tomas Jovaisa MD, PhD, FRCA, FFICM

President of the Lithuanian Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care
Associated professor at the Clinic of Anaesthesiology of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences
Lead of Critical Care services at BHR University Hospitals, London, UK

Vice President (Estonia)

Juri Karjagin, M.D, PhD

President of the Estonian Society of Anaesthesiologists
Associate professor of anesthesiology and intensive care at Clnical Medicine Institute of University of Tartu
Head of anaesthesiology department at Tartu University Hospital
Board member of Baltic Society of Regional Anaesthesia

Local Organising Committee

Chair of the Organising Committee

Indulis Vanags (Latvia)

Members of the Organising Committee

A. Bērziņš, V. Saksons, J. Stepanovs, A. Klēšmite, K. Rutka, P. Tomiņš,  R. Balmaks, E. Vītola

Scientific Committee

Chair of the Scientific Committee

Eva Strīķe (Latvia)

Members of the Scientific Committee

O.Sabeļņikovs, A. Bārzdiņa, S. Kazūne, A. Miščuks, A. Ozoliņa, V. Liguts, M. Šarkele, J.Bormotovs